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Would somebody in America please hit the reset button?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for this nation to hit the reset button when it comes to the foundation of our society. . . that being the Natural Family.  And my goodness, I hope that our nation is not waiting for today’s modern family (anything but one man and one woman) to help in that reboot.  Half of the nation is divorced while the other half is living with their significant others in a non-committed relationship with other men’s children running around calling everyone BUT the mailman their father.  And our children are confused? Well duh.   If they are not rioting in the streets, suppressing others freedom of speech or destroying property, they are indiscriminately killing others and themselves, at least those that are not high on heroin or pimping for their next fix.


Are you getting the word out about the Natural Family? You know one man and woman in a lifelong, committed relationship with their biological/adopted children.   How are your conversations going?  What success have you had? What questions have you been asked?  Who have you let know about our movement?  What does your pastor think about the natural family as an American foundation, your boss and co-workers, your high school principal/teachers/school board members? Have you asked your local news reporters what they think about the natural family or written an editorial? Do they need more information?  How about your public servants, what do they think?


America is in a public opinion/ information war. Are you shooting bullets or blanks, or are you hiding in your prayer closest with a gun in one hand and the bible in the other?  Folks, the battle is on its way to you, your family. . . .  and on the enemies terms and if you do not engage now to avoid the coming civil war that is being brought to you by politicians, the news media and entertainment twits, you have only yourself to blame.  You know this, so why not make it on your terms and play some offense for a change?  The war can be avoided and the Natural Family is the vehicle, the tank, the destroyer, the nuclear missile that will take the enemy out before they arrive on your home-front.

What’s so great about the Natural Family?  Studies show that without it children have a much more difficult time coping with their environment and are at a disadvantage to those who have been brought up in what nature had designed as best or what we call . . . natural.  History shows its importance as well. We need your help to maintain the integrity of the natural family structure, please.


We need at least three plus million like-minded believers in the Natural Family movement. Please consider pulling out a sheet of paper today, sitting down and listing family friends, loved ones and neighbors.  Then note which ones you need to talk with or have already.  List those who are on the team right now, then list potential members and what it is you plan on doing regard getting them on the team.  How can we help you do that?


Our goal is to shift public opinion which is the foundation of our contemporary social contracts that become our nations’ laws. We intend that shift to be to the point where the Natural family is once again recognized as the foundation of our nation.  This includes recognizing the need to defend and nourish it for future generations as well.  Consider the costs.  The breakdown of the natural family structure eventually becomes a societal problem and no amount of money or wars against poverty will ever be able to overcome it.


In order to turn the tide we need more public input on our/your behalf.  We recommend that you start by influencing those on your list.  You don’t have to beat them over the head with a bat (it’s easier to pull a rope than to push it) but if you do not supply them with the truth when you know it, then what does that say about you when you know to do good but don’t do it?


This week, this month, this year how many American citizens do you plan on talking to about the natural family?  I said just talk or email or even write a letter.  How hard would it be to ask them the question “what is a natural family”?  Shot, just have a conversation about nature/natural and then plant the seed and you might be surprised who will do the watering.  “For evil to flourish, good men and women need only do nothing,” right?


How about organizations you belong to?  Can you speak to them?  Don’t worry about being a good speaker. . . . The message is such that it speaks for itself.  Inform them as to what a natural family is, it’s obvious to them – they know what it is and how important it is because it has been already put in their DNA.  Remind them why it is important. If you don’t know and need more information then for heaven sake research it yourself or contact one of us at the Natural Family Foundation.  Our number is below; if we can’t help you we will find someone who can.  If you don’t ask folks. . .  you will not receive.


Here’s a great idea:

Talk to a friend about our “Last Call” radio program, share the link with them or give them the listen live phone number (605-475-0017) and listen on Saturday mornings. Past programs can be heard by going to the Minutemen United web site and then going to Last Call radio.


I started listening to Rush Limbaugh because a good friend recommend that I do so, not once but several times because they really believed what Rush was saying matched my “conservative values”.  Do you believe in Natural Family values?  Who else is seriously talking about the Natural family?  Oh, it might get an honorable mention but for the most part Rush doesn’t, Glenn Beck doesn’t, Hannity, O’Reilly?  Give me a break.  We’ve got BJ and “Last Call” and we currently have a blog, a Facebook page and this web site.


“If not you then who and if not now when”.  We will equip you when you see the need, catch the vision and join us as we make the family great again.


James Harrison

Natural Family Foundation

“Where there is no vision the people perish”

614 918 8228


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