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Transgender/ Gay and abortion arguments– Ben Shapiro


Do you feel uncomfortable when you are trying to talk to others about the natural family for fear that you will not be able to answer their objections?  Here is a 10 minute video by Ben Shapiro  https://youtu.be/gkONHNXGfaM  that we recommend you watch AND take NOTES please.  Have your pen and paper in hand and don’t be embarrassed if you have to rewind and play again. See what is happening see how your words and good intentions are being used against you and then how you can respond back with truth, love and understanding.

The video starts out with Ben being questioned by a young lady who is trying to prove that Ben is a bigot, uncaring blind, judgmental, typical  American male who cares about nothing other than himself and those like him. She is using this guilt trip method to get you to accept that being  transgender is something that occurs NATURALLY.  Her  premise being that  sex and gender are malleable, can change regardless of what plumbing you are surprised with at birth. There is an assumed here that if you don’t accept an individual’s subjective response to nature, then you of course are being judgmental believing that these poor confused exceptions to nature are instead subhuman or even non human. The goal here is to get you to accept the fact that what they are is natural. . . .  which of course  it is not.  And no that doesn’t mean that we think they are any less of a person, just one with a unique problem.  What is happening here is that YOU are being OBJECTIVE about a  SST (Super Subjective Theory) and you must not allow others to manipulate you with these emotional bombs.
. . .  the young lady goes back into attack mode tossing more emotional bombs at Ben . . . . . . . .

please click the link and find out more . . .https://youtu.be/gkONHNXGfaM


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