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1- Home School
2- Vaccination Exemption
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Children – Natural versus Alternative Family Outcomes

Many people assert that alternative family forms—such as single parents, cohabiting couples, and families broken by divorce—are equal to the natural family as far as their effects on individuals and society. However, research demonstrates conclusively that alternative family forms provide different outcomes to individuals. Social science research has conclusively proven that a strong family based …

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Home Schooling Parents

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Transgender/ Gay and abortion arguments– Ben Shapiro   Do you feel uncomfortable when you are trying to talk to others about the natural family for fear that you will not be able to answer their objections?  Here is a 10 minute video by Ben Shapiro  that we recommend you watch AND take NOTES please.  …

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Would somebody in America please hit the reset button?

I don’t know about you but I think it’s time for this nation to hit the reset button when it comes to the foundation of our society. . . that being the Natural Family.  And my goodness, I hope that our nation is not waiting for today’s modern family (anything but one man and one …

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