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We know that the more we defend and encourage the growth of the natural family the better off this nation will be.  We believe the Natural Family as this nation’s foundation is an absolute must as attested to by world history and today’s prison system.

The Natural Family as history accurately shows is the foundation of any society and there is a direct relationship between the diminishing of the natural family and the destruction of our nation’s foundation.  There is an old saying that starts with “as goes the family . . . . . . . . and ends with so goes the nation.”   And as goes today’s social morals so goes the family.

What are the top 10 ways you can express your interest in any of the listed categories?
  1. Share your testimony
  2. Send us  articles and links that are for or against the Natural Family
  3. Write articles
  4. Community organizers
  5. Leadership positions in your State/Area
  6. Collect Signatures on Petitions (paper)
  7. Help with Social Media chores
  8. Help recruit others for specific needs/events
  9. Receive/create Newsletters
  10. Attend rallies




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