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About Us


                                    “Where there is no vision, the people perish”______________


Our Mission:


Is to get America’s focus on the natural family and reestablish it’s importance to the American culture by changing today’s societal norms to favor that of the Natural Family as THE foundation of our free society. In order to do that we intend to alert, inform, educate,find and motivate literally millions of Americans who “get it”. You might call it a new form of nationalism only this time it is the natural family that we salute.


Our Goal


Is to tip the social contracts which favor an anything goes family relationship in favor of the Natural Family.  This process consists of first Alerting our fellow Americans to the dangers of today’s “modern “family model and how it is literally threatening our entire nation.  Then thru a process of informing, educating and advising we will, with the help of other natural family converts, and acting in unison, tip the social scales in favor of nature and natures intent for the family. We believe by  accomplishing this we will improve the lives not only of those within the natural family but as well their neighbors, and other institutions within this great nation.  Our goal is find over 3 million followers in the next three years,  but that may not be enough and not soon enough – time will tell.  We know that groups of this size (less that 2% of the population) have most recently  tipped the scales in their favor.


Our Vision:


Since the early 1940’s the American family has been on the fast track to disarray.  We have come to the point in our nation where today’s families are literally anything goes but the natural family and the future, given man’s imagination with no blueprint or limitations, seems quite ominous.


It is said that  “as goes the family. . . so goes the nation”.  And we absolutely agree which begs the question ” Why don’t we start focusing on the family instead of all the symptoms that have been created as a result of our ignoring it?”   Define it , show its historical significance where it has proven to be the most productive, set that as a national goal and work towards that end.  If the natural family is under attack then defend it.  While we are doing that let’s grab a trowel  and start rebuilding it at the same time. The only thing you have to loose is your nation, so ..





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The Natural Family Foundation is comprised of  men, women and children who realize the supreme value of the natural family and it’s critical importance to the survival of any nation.  The natural family as history accurately shows is the foundation of any good society and there is a direct relationship between the diminishing of the natural …

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