Oct 12

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Blurring the Lines

by Dave Agema

The Boy Scouts just announced that girls will now be officially part of this once exclusive boys club. Yet another in a long line of confusing messages that American leadership is sending out to her youth . . . youth that will soon be our leaders. Below is a message from Dave Agema, a man who has stood in harms way for the sake of our children and this nation may his tribe increase:    

“Why are our schools and politicians silent concerning the pushing of the LGBTQ agenda? It’s because WE have not pushed to change THEIR direction! As a result, Millennial’s ( ages 18-34) are three times more likely to identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual transgender or queer/ questioning (LGBTQ). A Harris poll revealed that 12% of millennial’s self- identify as “transgender or gender non- conforming”- thank you schools, Supreme Court and politicians!

As the result of this confusion a man in Hawaii has been approved by USA Volleyball to compete as a woman and is eyeing a spot on the U.S. Olympic squad. NUTS! A high school boy in Pennsylvania was told he is intolerant because he didn’t want to undress in a locker room in front of a girl who claimed she was a boy. In Connecticut a boy who identifies as a girl competed in a girls track meet and, not surprisingly won the 100 and 200 meter dashes.

This is insanity and will not stop until voters demand it, schools stop pushing it and Trump places moral conservatives on the Supreme Court. Get involved and make some calls!”  “For evil to flourish good men (and women) need only do nothing“.

About Dave:

Dave Agema  served three terms (the constitutional limit) in the Michigan House of Representatives, from 2007 to 2013. He was  formerly a commercial pilot for American Airlines, a Vietnam Era veteran who now serves as a .member of the Republican National Committee and the chairman of the Top Gun Republican political action committee, Dave has been married for more than forty five years to his wife Barb. They have three children and ten grandchildren  Mr. Agema  is a strong pro-life advocate, who is actively vocal in his opposition to same-sex marriage and civil unions.


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