Oct 10

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Did Dr. Spock help undermine the Natural Family?

by Flo-Nation


Who was Dr. Spock? Most of my generation knows of him, but I gather not many of the younger generation do; although unbeknownst to them they are following in his teachings.  Dr. Spock’s first book came out in 1946, “Baby and Child Care,” encouraging the natural family at the time to love and understand the child more with affection and less discipline.  Makes sense right, who wouldn’t want to give their children more love and affection?  His philosophy was that was parents should follow their instincts. Not be so stern and discipline in the rearing of their children. Let loose let go!

All still sounds good, until you read further.  Dr. Spock did not believe in scheduled naps, feedings, nor discipline.  All structure seems to go out of the window!  We all know what happens to any institution, without structure, comes chaos!  According to an article:  “HOW DR. SPOCK DESTROYED AMERICA”.  Even Dr. Spock was aware of his negative influence upon parents. In a 1968 interview with the New York Times, Spock admitted that his first edition of “Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care” contributed to an increase of permissive parenting in America. “Parents began to be afraid to impose on the child in any way,” he said. In his 1957 edition, he tried to remedy that by emphasizing the need for setting standards and asking for respect. Unfortunately, Spock failed to see the deeper problems of his philosophy, so subsequent editions continued to cultivate narcissism.”


It has been a downhill slide since then.  What the results were, absentee parents who then had begun to raise spoiled, entitled children who grew into spoiled, entitled adults.  Which accumulated into the “me” generation.  We saw in the sixties a rise in the free love moment, drugs, illicit sexual explosion the sexually transmitted disease and unwanted pregnancies.  No more commitment you didn’t need any, if it felt right, it must be good!  What was that song “If loving you was wrong I don’t want to be right,” about adultery? Anything goes!   We had parents into “swinging” these parents were not faithful to the sanctity or purity of the marriage.  One man one woman, together.  The structure and morality of the natural families were eroding on a fast track.

We are now living in the “reap what you sow” scenario with our present generation.  We sowed into the destruction of the natural family with our lack of structure, and values.  Fathers no longer valued and looked up to as the head of his household. Many fathers have lost their way.  The feminist, liberal progressives professors, have emasculated men.

We have numerous failed marriages; most do not last more than five years.  Our children do not have fathers nor mothers since now the mother spends more time outside of the home trying to survive with her children on a one parent salary. An increase of out of wedlock births, addictions, a lack of respect for any authority figure.  What is causing this?  If there are no structures in the natural family, one man one woman, father being the head, the leader, mother there to support him which together bring security to the family. If there is no security in the children’s lives, they will gravitate towards drugs, alcohol, sex, or join anarchy groups to fulfill what is lacking within due to the breakdown of the natural family structure.  In return only results in the vacuum become deeper.

In the seventies, we saw Dr. Spock unification with socialist Peoples Party, as he became a candidate for president.  Why is this critical because of the socialist and communist position as stated by Carl Marx, “Blessed is he who has no family,”  Destroy the natural family, take down the nation.  With this type of association, we see clearly who Dr. Spock emulated and where his ideas came.  Regardless if he realized it at the time, his primary goal was to undermine and the demise of the natural family, due to his socialist, communist views he did just that.

What the people of our great nation need to do is spread the word, educate others and re-educate the family.  Lifting up once again the father’s rightful authority to his family, teaching the mothers to stand with him and together working to save their families. There needs to be a new commitment to the family.  It is no longer about “me” it is “we,” only then can you have a healthy intact family with secure children; however, until that happens our nation is in a crisis of epic portion.

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