Oct 08

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Who are our children’s role models today?

by FloNation

Let us examine today who our children’s heroes are in this 21st century?  Not too long ago, it was the Father; children look up to him, thought him their hero, a superhero!  In their eyes he could leap tall buildings with a single bound, he was faster than a speeding bullet, he was everything to them.  He was their Superman! called D.A.D. – Dedicated, Adviser, Defender.

With all that is going on today in America, the NFL kneeling instead of standing to honor our flag. A news media, entertainers and educators that are confusing and brainwashing their subjects that has left us with Antifa, members who are out of control, whiny young people and politicians that lie, cheat, steal and probably worse.

Who then are the heroes of today?

We already know the family is in trouble, we have fathers who are absent in their children’s lives in our inner cities and but now this has spread to our middle and upper classes.  Sadly, many mothers have forsaken their roles of the nurturer today as well! There is a rise in violence, lack of respect towards authority.   Marriages are failing in too many families, but to their credit, there are still some good fathers and mothers who are very active in their children’s lives, being good role models for them.  Could one of the reasons be, there are too many outside influences on our children today?

The problem is whose raising our children? Who are their heroes, their role models? Who are they emulating?

The progressive state run government schools have succeeded in many cases to subvert the parent’s influences, teaching the youth to respect and emulate people who we know are insurgents with the goal to not only to destroy the natural family and its authority, but our great nation as well.   We do have many good teachers, trying to be positive in our children’s lives are a good influence on them. Many are swimming upstream in the school system not allowed to be the good influence as they would like to be for their hands are tied with this politically correct ideology and union leaders!

Then after 12 years of indoctrination in the public schools, many send them off to finishing schools we call Universities, who complete the brainwashing process. Here at the U, they further indoctrinate radical influences and in many cases let them practice their new found power on campus with destroying property and free speak being critically important curriculum.

Who exactly are our children looking up too?  We see them emulating the NFL with taking a knee!  School children on one knee during our Anthem, disrespecting not only our flag but the men and women who served this great nation to give them the opportunity with hard work to have a good life! Being encouraged to do so by their coaches!  These children do not even realize why they are truly kneeling; they are looking at their role models football players and their coaches and are following what they learn.


They have no idea that this all started over a criminal and a fake narrative with Michael Brown, who  has been made a hero who our children are being told he is the hero and the victim.

In too many inner cities, children in crisis are looking up to gang members and joining these criminals, desperate to be part of a family.  These thugs have become both father and mother!


What happened to the Tim Tebow, and other great role models for our youth?  But with all due respect to Tim and company, who should be looked up to and for good reason it is still the real Hero within the family that should be established. NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has strongly opposed the idea of sports figures being role models to young people. Sir Charles famously starred in a Nike ad declaring, “I am not a role model”, and encouraging parents to raise their own kids. When explaining himself, Barkley said that by telling children that they should look up to athletes is like “telling kids to look up to someone they can’t become, because not many people can be like we are.”

Charles Barkley is precisely right!  Our real role models our children should be emulating is their parents both Father and Mother.  Fathers, teaching their children what a real man is, reliable, patriotic, honest, teaching his children about morality, how to become successful healthy adults, providing for his family.  The mother, brings a unique set of gifts to her family for she is a nurturer, showing that she works side by side with her husband, making her family secure.  Filling her home with a type of love only a mother can do.

Our youth should be looking up at both the father and mother seeing them as their heroes, their role models, no one can be better at it then the parent.


Special thank to Carlos Ramirez for the use of his photo, a man who strives to be a super hero to his children!

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