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Dr. Seuss books deemed harmful to our youth?

Have we sunk so low that Dr. Seuss books deemed harmful to our youth?

Liz Phipps Soeiro, a librarian from Cambridge Massachusetts thinks so.  She was highly offended when our First Lady, Melania Trump gave a gift of Dr. Seuss books to local schools. Soeiro, packed up her books and sent them back to the White House with a condescending scathing note, schooling our First Lady.  Seriously, now we are offended at the Cat in the Hat! Ms. Soeiro wrote in her letter, “Mrs. Trump, don’t you know Seuss is “tired” and “cliché?” Stereotypes, caricatures, racism fill his books”.

The School Library Journey says: “For 20 years, Read Across America has been synonymous with youngsters wearing red and white striped hats sitting down for story time on March 2, Dr. Seuss’s birthday. But this fall, the biggest national literacy awareness program, sponsored by the National Education Association (NEA), will be shifting its focus toward a year-round promotion of diverse children’s books. It’s a change resulting from both a heightened awareness of representation in kid lit, as well as growing scrutiny of racial imagery in the work of the beloved children’s book author.”

Grant adds that for the past two years, the NEA board has already been shifting Read Across America’s mission towards promoting diverse literature and reaching a broader range of readers.” Exactly what type of diverse literature are they speaking about?

Let us look at some of the books that are deemed diverse and acceptable in our children’s school libraries: “This One Summer” by Mariko Tamaki, is filled with oral sex and obscenities, Seriously!!  The parents of a first-grader are fuming over the book their daughter brought home from the school library: a children’s story about a prince whose true love turns out to be another prince.

Michael Hartsell said he and his wife, Tonya, couldn’t believe it when Prince Bertie, the leading character in “King & King,” waves off a bevy of eligible princes before falling for Prince Lee. The book ends with the princes marrying and sharing a kiss. Heather has two mommies? How about Stuck in the Middle.  According to Oklahoma News 4, it is a book filled with vulgarity, bullying, violence, and drug use.  The list goes on and on, this is OK for middle school children, but Dr. Seuss books are now in question on.

According to our very expensive, government-run progressive schools, Dr. Seuss is now too racist for our children.

Acccording to a recent Pew Research:  only 29% of Americans rated their country’s K-12 education in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (known as STEM) as above average or the best in the world. Scientists were even more critical: A companion survey of members of the American Association for the Advancement of Science found that just 16% called U.S. K-12 STEM education the best or above average; 46%, in contrast, said K-12 STEM in the U.S. was below average.

So we are obviously not educating our children in government run institutions so what is really their goal, indoctrinating and brainwashing our students perhaps?  I remember a time not too long ago when teachers wanted to know what was going on in the home.  For example, did their student parents or parent own a gun? And now are we going to do book inspections in the home?

We all know left wing progressives run the school unions and their goals is the demise of the natural family.  They loath parents who think are smarter than they when it comes to children, how dare you think you know better than we in what your child needs!

What we are seeing done to our children is out and out child abuse.  School administrators, teachers and union leaders are now the parents; they will decide what is best for our children, no you, the parent.  They will tell our children how to think.  Schools will not tell a parent about their counseling a student with regard to abortion but will not give an aspirin without the parents permission!

          It is the continual slow drip on the natural family, year after year until you wear it down into something that is not even recognizable.  The natural family is an institution.  The correct order is a Father’ the leader, mother; the nurturer; who together by his side raise their children and not the progressive governed run school, in place of the parent.  There is an order that made this system successful for many generations.  

What does all this have to do with Dr. Seuss?  It is once again an example of progressives who have determined what is appropriate and what is not.  Now, what was natural and stable is being ripped apart.  Our children have been brainwashed in our very schools where they see perversions are the norm, and the natural family is outdated and obsolete.  We think they are in a safe place but are they?  

Our children are becoming so confused both at school and in their homes.  Days are gone of Father knows best!  it is time to educate yourself, get involved whether or not you have children in school.  We are in a battle for the natural family existence; it seems the other side is winning this war; we need to turn this around before we do not even recognize the natural family any longer.

What does all this have to do with Dr. Seuss?  Just that once again, the progressive have determined what your children will be reading.  The government-run schools deciding for you, the parents, and as usual getting it wrong!

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  1. Grace Hace

    Wonderfully truthful article! Exactly…our children are no longer safe in school. The left wing progressives are destroying the natural family and America!

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