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The Vertical Family, A Natural Family


What is a vertical family you may ask?  It is the family that is in an upright position heading into a healthy direction. Why vertical, because nature demands order and it demands consistency.

When I use the term Vertical Family I mean an institution that has just one leader, the father, and then in order the mother and finally the children. Have you ever seen an institution where there is no leadership? Pure democracies with no leaders, no authority, and no chain of command do not and cannot exist. They always self-implode.

What we see in America today, especially with the division among so many of its people, is the direct result of having wavered from nature’s original intent, and most especially when it comes to the family. And this has occurred to the point where in today’s America the “modern family” has been totally flattened out into a horizontal position-on its back if you will. Like an ice cube melting it is no longer stable but flowing to and fro, such as the family today.

The media has emasculated the male, making fathers look like buffoons. We all remember Homer Simpson, right or who can forget Al Bundy from Married with Children, an icon of the new American Family? Our children learned from them and they learned well.  Other sitcom dubious father role models were soon to follow, finishing off any self-respect for the natural “leader” of the house.

Then of course that meant we had to teach and encourage women (you do not need a man) to have a family, you do not need to be married, or it’s ok for children to have two same sex fathers or two mothers.  All is well, but is it?

We remember Hillary Clinton’s book “It takes a Village” two-parent family are not capable to raise their own families.

When all else fails the state of course can come in and take a child from a family.  Then, place them in an abusive “unnatural” family environment and/or multiple foster homes, drugging them when necessary.  We now have an epidemic of children on Ritalin. So to all these children the question arises, who is in charge, who’s your daddy?

Personally, as a mother and grandmother, it breaks my heart to see the demise of the natural family knowing the problems caused by the loss of order and authority figures in the home. When I was growing up, I barely knew anyone who came from a single parent household.  But sadly and thanks to the progressive left that jumped at the opportunity to undermine the natural family unit, today’s family is anything but one man, one woman, in a lifelong, committed, relationship with their children.

Television and movies glorify transgender, same-sex marriages.  Schools are encouraging children as young as 5 to consider being whatever sex they wish to be which is in my humble opinion is not only an out and out lie but also child abuse!

Think about this, a child cannot vote until they are at least 18, cannot drink until the same age nor smoke cigarettes.  Yet, they are at age 5 mature enough to decide what sex they want to be? But here is the real truth, you can add or subtract any body parts you want but your DNA is still and forever will be a male or a female.

Studies show that transgender have a higher suicide rate; why because we are out of the natural order.  What is going to happen to these children as they grow being so confused at such a young age?

So let’s take a quick peek at just one item that has taken place during the process of replacing the natural family. According to the Brookings Institute “Black children are much more likely to be raised in a single-parent household, and as our own research suggests, the nation-family structure (natural family) can play a large role in a child’s chance of success in all stages of life.”

This applies to all single families, no matter what race.  Being an involuntary single mother my children had to grow up with just one parent and we sacrificed a lot, and not just financially. I can from personal experience attest that having two parents living together is essential for healthy growth and for showing your children the value of order.  My daughters are doing well, but I have seen the effects and experienced the struggles of growing up in a single household.

So let’s look at facts concerning two-parent families. You have to be blind not to see the benefits.  According to the Pew Research, “over half (57 percent) of those living with married parents were in households above the poverty line, compared with just 21 percent of those living in single-parent households.”

Fathers, who take their rightful place at the head of the family, arm and arm with their wives, are much more likely to lead their children to become healthy adults. Without this natural order comes chaos- check our prisons out and you’ll see what I mean.

Just look at the streets in America, children are out of control, from the BLM to Antifa we are seeing the results of the breakdown of the natural family, more crime, out of wedlock babies, more abortions, illiteracy, and poverty.

Not only Employers but also teachers are having much more difficulty-managing children from today’s “modern families”.  And can you imagine what our government, business and other institutions are going to look like in 20 or 30 years from now?  Everyone is right in his or her own eyes, remember?

Let’s reintroduce America to the natural family concept as the foundation and cornerstone of our yet still great nation. Find out what a natural family is, it’s historical and contemporary value then grab a friend and start to change the direction of America back to its original and natural path one family at a time.

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