Sep 26

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Ohio US Senator Sharrod Brown

NOTE: I recently received a couple of emails from my US Senator Sharrod Brown extolling the virtues of perverted sexual behavior and how Ohio must be welcoming to all.  He as well was trying to tell me how important it was that we have sexual deviants in the bathrooms and showers of our servicemen and women.  I sent my liberal senator the following:

Senator Brown:

I am a strong advocate for the Natural Family – one man, one woman in a committed, monogamous, lifelong relationship with their biological/adopted children. You state proudly in your recent email that you “ have been a strong supporter and long-time ally of LGBTQ community” and that ” all Ohioans have equal rights and responsibilities under the law”,  . . . supporting equal treatment of all Ohioans regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, or gender expression“.


But what of Christians and the natural family, Senator? You do understand that promoting sexual deviancy naturally creates a problem resulting in some unintended victims?  What about those “Ohioans”?

By normalizing, enabling and exalting perverted behavior you consequently increase the amount of harassment, bullying and discrimination that families and practicing Christian’s experience . When it comes to Christians, sexual deviation and the bible can not mix and there is no “natural” common ground – they are like oil and water.

Here’s yet another issue. Your noble stance on sexual deviation actually stresses the Free Exercise Clause which protects a citizens’ right to practice their religion as they please. If you are a baker and choose not to promote sexual perversion, thanks to folks like yourself, there now is a price to be paid.

One might argue it is Christians themselves that are actually the ones who are running afoul of “public morals” by discriminating against sexual deviancy. But there’s a problem here. It is a known fact that the founders used the bible as a legal plumb bob, which means unnatural, anti-biblical behavior has no standing in law based on the original intent of the signers of the constitution

You also state that you believe inviting unnatural recruits into the military falls under a “compelling” governmental interest and is necessary and right.Really, then what do you do with the majority of soldiers who naturally feel uncomfortable when a sexual deviant is allowed to occupy the same barracks and open bath houses?  As a veteran I can also guarantee that your “buddy” in the foxhole will affect your focus and in battle a moment of hesitation can mean the death of a soldier and/or loss of battle. Then there is the aids issue that seems to be ignored especially given that battles doe have a tendency to get quite bloody.

When it comes to the natural family, history clearly shows nations like Rome and Greece that did exactly what you are encouraging by diminishing the value of the natural family,  are no longer in existence.  They went the way of the natural family which they ignored and abused. It’s also noteworthy that today’s sociologist attest to the problems that occur when children are brought up in an alternative family. Children instinctively need a male father and female mother.


In closing Senator Brown, I would like to emphasize that nations just do not survive without the natural family. Meanwhile in the process of opposing nature, children and parents in America are suffering today because of our nation’s lack of respect for the natural family.  There is a good reason they say, “don’t mess with Mother Nature”. I hope you soon take note.


Thanks for your consideration in advance and  . . .

In HIS name

Jim Harrison – NFF


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