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Immigration: Two wrongs do not make a right

James Harrison – NFF

There is much to do these days about the status of illegal immigrants who have trespassed upon the sovereign soil of the United States. Currently many folks are exercised over the plight of children – now adults –  who were in essence “dropped” of by their parents for a permanent and unannounced stay at their next door neighbors. Neighbors who graciously offered them free healthcare, education, room and board.


Now, several years later these estranged souls, who have for the most part behaved themselves trying as best they could to blend in to the American canvass find themselves in a bit of bother.  Some of them have served in our armies, became policemen, teachers and it even looks like there might have been a few who were so  patriotic that they even voted in our elections.  But in spite of all their good works, their stay might be cut shorter than expected by their American host .


Isn’t  our strength our diversity?


So let’s talk about America, what is it that we are about? Yes indeed we do welcome citizens from all over the world in different size, shape, colors and nationalities but not because we worship diversity. As a matter of fact, it is just the opposite. Men, women and children, who gave their all in the Revolutionary War, Civil War and other wars did not do so in order that we could be more divided and diverse.


Theses brave American risked their all so that we could remain united.  They fought for the American brand – life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, the land of opportunity and the home of the brave, E pluribus unum, amen?

Again, the “home of the brave”,  not the home of non English speaking aliens who refuse to speak our language, practice our costumes, or refuse to obey our laws – starting with those relating to immigration.


You want to divide a nation, weaken it by importing strangers that refuse to assimilate and this is especially effective if they only use their native tongue – remember what happened at the tower of Babel? Everyone was suddenly confused when different languages were entered into the equation. And didn’t American’s fight a war because we refused to allow a foreign country to dictate our religion?


Wisdom from a past president


Former President Teddy Roosevelt said ” every immigrant must become “an American, and nothing but an American,” forsaking their native language for English and all other flags for the ours , so we can remain united“.  Again, a common language and common tradition unite a nation. Don’t like America’s prosperity and liberties then import non conforming aliens who refuse to obey our laws and customs.  That’s right, you can see the seeds of division blooming in today’s America as a result of our new religion, multiculturalism and diversity.


America or not, we have no right to separate families, right?


Ok, so let’s get to the family aspect of this issue which our current swamp occupants in Washington D.C are about to shove down our natural loving throats.  First of all, we at the Natural Family Foundation are all for keeping the family as natural as possible and as together as possible.  And we are about to hear more about this family issue very soon from the halls of congress as well as the community of career politicians in Washing DC.  On its face that’s a good thing.


Finally, a focus on the importance of the Natural Family! 


As an American,  I appreciate the culture that has up until the last few decades, helped to support our great country and support the natural family – a proven family unit that has been the cornerstone of our great nation. So, what you are going to start hearing from some of our most liberal, truth hating and modern family advocates is that we now need to focus on the natural family. These duplicitous lawmakers will temporary drop their insistence of the alternative, modern family models and miraculously see the need for the ole natural family unit.

You heard it here first. We are soon going to hear about all of these poor children who have been without their natural family for decades and now we need to do the right thing by these children and reunite them with their natural families.  Right?  So as a natural family supporter you can’t possibly be on the wrong side of this humanitarian request. Checkmate, bring it on and bring the entire family in, right?  Well not quite.


The devil is in the detail 


When you hear about bringing families back together what you are really hearing is that American hating, freedom hating, political lifers simply see the need for more voters.  What that means to these political animals is that we now must open the borders up to mom’s, pop’s , brothers, sisters, aunts , uncles, 1,2,3, and fourth cousins- all of whom are future voters.  Now, this might surprise you but I  totally agree that we should do everything we can reunite these families.


Am I am in full agreement?  Well, not exactly,  as I have a little cost saving and liberty assuring twist. The last number I heard  was 800,000  anchor babies (now there is a great family term), but I digress.  So am I saying open the borders up and let all anchor baby family members have access to America’s hard earned blessing and bounty?


Yes, let’s open the border up, BUT again, with one caveat.  The path between the USA and other nations would be one way. I am suggesting that we indeed unite these poor homesick uninvited residents with their families and the best way to do that? The most effecting, less stressful, financially beneficial for both parties?  Give all 800,000  a one way ticket. . . . . back to their original homeland.

Win, Win Solution


Think about it, anchor babies can take their “valuable education and skills ” and start rebuilding there own countries.  We won’t even send them a bill for their education and benefits received while our guest here.  Shoot we could probably hire many of them to help us do some much needed building  – like a wall.


How selfish would it be on America’s part to keep all of these wonderfully productive anchor babies when they could do even more for their mother country? They could facilitate their home countries, help them become more self reliant and of course immediately provide a positive contribution to their homeland.


If the argument is true that the more people that are brought into a  country the better their economy, then think of how much their own countries could use this promised economic windfall.  While we are at it, maybe we could export some of our highly productive government run educational institutions to their countries as a parting gift.


End of Story


Ok, problem solved. The natural family preserved, countries will  automatically reap the rewards of those valuable national personal assets – the best and brightest, instead of being used in America by heartless, selfish, white, European upper class capitalist.  Right?


So there you have it. Something for everyone. The natural family and America sovereignty successfully defended, children returned back home with their families while capitalist are rightfully punished for their greed and will now have to hire more Americans.  Sounds like a happy ending all the way around.

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