Sep 14

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Letter to the Editor

One of our natural family fans believes that money is the root of all evil and the Government has all but taxed the Natural Family out of existence.  What do you think, let us know. Here is the letter

  Back in the Day  

Back in the Day American citizens were joined together by the desire to acquire and accomplish the American Dream. This seems to have been placed on the ‘ back burner ‘as the old saying goes.


The reason this occurred is that there became a struggle for ” Keeping up with the Joneses”  an expression rarely heard in today’s America. The expression faded away with the upgrading of the poor by our U S Congress through taxation.Taxation for the “welfare” system, the totally unemployed were supplied with money for housing, food, cars, and medical care. This brought their standard up to the ” middle income ” level. The under-employed or the so-called ” working poor ” are able to apply for food stamps and get help paying their utility bills.


Now that Congress has raised those groups up to the level of the Jonesses through taxation, let’s look how the ” middle class ” fared during the process.  In chasing the American Dream the middle class felt their children ought to have as much and as good quality that the perceived ” upper “class.


” Back in the day “, the middle class worked hard, yet some advanced due to being better educated or were friends or related to their bosses. They got a higher position with better pay. This enabled them to purchase more and better products which caused their neighbors to be envious.


The envy of their neighbors brought about the situation whereby the wife / mother got a job and–wham– we now have both parents working and a lot less control over the children.  Eventually this led to the children being spoiled and unruly  students as the process of public   education became a sham.


Since both parents were working there was more income taxes provided for congress to redistribute . Maybe a salary increase for them and more funds for the NEA ( National Education Abomination ). This, of course , provided more money for extra curricular activities after school which kept the “natural” family separated even more.

The ” Natural ” family that used to be proud of the ” American Dream ” had been destroyed by “Congress’s  false compassion ” and their coveting of the working class tax dollars. This being the case, then we can assume that the Natural family  can be restored by the removal of taxation and the implementation of a  SELF-SUPPORTING ENTITY  to fund Americas financial obligations.


by Donald Davidson

in accordance to his God given talent.

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