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Romans II James Harrison – Natural Family Foundation

When one begins a study of human behavior with relation to past family structures there is one glaring problem being a lack of reporting from trained social behavior experts. Unfortunately there were very few sociologists employed and reporting on the conditions in Rome, Greece and Babylon during civilization’s early years of existence. With the exception of the bible and a spattering of other early writings the interaction between individuals in a society, especially where it relates to the status of the family, lacked a lot of social reporting. That being said, we can, as any good scientist or researcher does today,  predict accurately what happened in the past by watching similar structures and reactions in today’s world.

For example, we know that in Rome the family went thru a metamorphosis. In the beginning there existed a defined structure composed of a family Patriarch, with their spouse and their children in that order  .  never once questioning their roles in the family. We as well know that during the heyday of Rome this natural family started the flattening out process to the point where by the end of the Roman empire we find the formal vertical structure of the family had literally melted down becoming a horizontal line of equal length.  Strangely enough what we see at the end of the Rome is pretty much what we see in America today, a diverse marriage institution having evolved to the point where authority is parceled out on an equal basis with any attempts at a return to the previous vertical integration being done bas ackwards at best.

In America we have seen not just the flattening of the family but as well the diluting and warping of its structure to the point that it is no longer deemed necessary to have two different sexes acting as parents.  And even the number of parents is no longer confined to a pair as we often find in a modern family economy there can be as little as one parent. Worse yet in many more cases too many young children have multiple sets of parents, disrupting any form of family authority.  Add to that the disturbing fact that the state has approved no fault- divorce and in many cases the judicial system becomes the child’s daddy acting as the final authority with regard to how a child will be raised.  Maybe we would best describe this as “family anarchy”.

There are studies today that accurately report that the further we get away from the Natural Family Model: one man, one woman, in a  lifelong commitment with their biological children, the more disadvantaged the children of those families will be. Of course there are exceptions like the Ben Carson’s of the world who have compensated rather smartly in spite of their disadvantaged youth but as our prisons so accurately attest; brother Carson is indeed a rare exception to the rule. Now this does not mean that if you come from a family that struggles you will end up either as a doctor or in prison. What is does mean is there are and will be issues that haunt all disadvantaged children over their lifetime – Ben Carson notwithstanding.  As for the future, it’s hard to imagine what the introduction of two male and or two female parents will have had on future children, but I suspect it will have a very unnatural ending.

So what happens next?  In case you haven’t noticed today’s children are less likely to seek a Natural Marriage or any marriage for that matter. And when it comes to having children, unless you can convince today’s potential parents that bringing up a child will somehow do something for them, you will likely be seeing your family’s name erased from the history books. What is so surprising is that these “what’s is in it for me” reluctant parents are really quite smart but somehow lack the wisdom to realize that when they eventually need some life help in the future, there will likely be no “family” to help them.  Then what?

Ok, so let’s say we loose our family feud that we have been conducting over the past several decades in America? What happens when we finally slip off the high wire that we have been teetering on? Is there a safety net that we can rely on that will keep America from falling into the dump heap of civilizations alongside other “great” nations like Rome? There could be and I would argue that this safety net can only be the Natural Family.

But there is a problem. Because of current abuse of today’s natural family this safety net needs to be mended and rather quickly as there are several gaping holes in it. Those holes started to become prevalent with the onset of the two family earners, followed by abortion, the pill, divorce. Now, there are even greater holes having been created by the states further intervention into unnatural parenting and what should be considered the composition of  modern parents themselves – homosexual marriage being at the forefront on this issue.

And I want to caution you at this point that we need to focus on all of the issues plaguing today’s family.  Not just the Homosexual marriage issue, abortion, divorce or even the government becoming a child’s daddy. Remember each one of these obstacles have created an opening in the aforementioned safety net and even if we initially land on a repaired portion of the net,  there still exist other gaping holes that we might fall through as we bounce from place to place on this net.

A wise man once told me the greatest thing that I would ever do is raise a child. Can you think of any other life exercise that is more important, critical, life changing and rewarding? I would add to that the best thing you can do for a child and your nation is to raise them as naturally as possible. This means that you must first of all make a life time commitment, both you and your wife,  because raising children is a lifelong job.

One man (blue) and one woman (pink), one positive and one negative charge if you will and of course women know which is always the positive charge. One man, one woman with their own biological children and/or adopted when desired. No taking the car back and trading it in on a new one and no test driving, especially if the vehicle belongs to someone else.

And yes I know, take a look around and what do you see – NO fault divorce, a 50% divorce rate, abusive spouses and abused children. . . the list goes on? And with all of the modern variations, well, if you put water in a gasoline engine you should expect a rather unique experience.  The same applies when you try to mix the elements in a Natural Marriage. In the 40’s the role of the mom and the dad began to change, then the 50’s, the liberating 60’s, the long haired 70’s, and each succeeding decade, all contributing to the devolution of the natural family, tearing more holes in the safety net of our nation.

My hope, prayer and advice is we soon see that the Natural Family is the only foundation upon which you can build and maintain a nation. Our nation is in deep trouble and if we fall now I fear that because of the damage that has been done to the fabric of marriage, we will fall thru our safety net and plunge into the dump heap of previous civilization that did not appreciate the critical importance of the Natural Family.

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