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Welcome to NATURAL FAMILY FOUNDATION’s temporary look…  We are remodeling and it will take some time.  We are sure it will be well worth the effort.  We wanted you to know we are still here  so not loose faith and to stay in touch.

Please keep others informed about the Natural Family Foundation.  The foundation of every society  is family;

As the Family goes … So goes the Nation.

Keep checking with us as we rebuild.  We will keep you posted to urgent news and information that you might be looking for or need…

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  FAMILIES are the glue that holds all societies together.

  NATIONS that ignore families or alter their natural structure, form and purpose are doomed to destruction.

 ROME (and many other nations) altered the natural family and as a result no longer exist.

   THE USA is headed the way of Rome and very close to repeating its fate.

Support the Natural Family, one man, one woman in a lifelong committed relationship with their biological/adopted children before we repeat the errors of the past. 

                                                 “As goes the family . . . so goes the nation”

“Strong families make strong people and strong people make strong nations.”




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CONTACT:   NFFJim@11-55.com      Phone: 614 918 8228


Our Mission:

Is to get America’s focus on the natural family and reestablish it’s importance to the American culture by changing today’s societal norms to favor that of the Natural Family as THE foundation of our free society. In order to do that we intend to alert, inform, educate, find and motivate literally millions of Americans who “get it.” You might call it a new form of nationalism only this time it is the natural family that we salute.